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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Rule of Law Shmuel of Paul

I keep trying to remind myself that idiots have rights too. What has caused my crisis of faith ? One of the grossest first world violations of the rule of law which involves neither Richard Cheney nor George Bush concerns the Italian TV network la 7, which, according to Italy's highest administrative court, has the right to TV frequencies being used by Silvio Berlusconi to broadcast Emilio Fede (believe me that last bit is the worst part). Even though he is currently not prime Minister, Berlusconi remains above the law. This makes me very angry. It is wrong.

It is wrong even though la 7 is broadcasting an hour long special on Paris Hilton.

The law is the law. A super rich powerful scofflaw (I mean the one named Silvio Berlusconi) is a menace to the Republic. Mere stupidity is not a menace to the Republic. Even if it is very very stupid.

Oh hell, I can't make myself defend the legal rights of people who have been broadcasting moving images of Hilton's nose for the past 34 minutes.

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