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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rupert's Ross Rags Romney

My first ever link to The Boston Herald

Casey Ross has the goods on Garrity who recently resigned as the Romney campaign's director of operations . Bush's underlings think they are above the law, Garrity thinks he is the law.

We have

Two additional sources confirmed that the badges - described as bright silver plates with a state seal attached - were first created and used by Garrity while Romney was still governor. Under state law, it is illegal to use a badge without authority, an offense that carries a fine of not more than $50.

The state seal belongs to the state not to its governor. Maybe Garrity thinks it's good luck for staffers to impersonate law enforcement officials as the current President's campaign staff did so.


Garrity is ... under investigation in New Hampshire for a separate incident in which he allegedly told a New York Times [NYT] reporter to stop following Romney’s motorcade. He also allegedly told the reporter his license plates had been run. Garrity has denied through his lawyer that he checked the reporter’s license plates.

Again intimidation in the service of the ex governor. However, impersonating a police officer can be habit forming. Garrity originally got in trouble for a purely personal incident

Garrity remains under investigation by the Suffolk District Attorney’s Office for allegedly impersonating a law enforcement officer in a May 13 phone call to a Wilmington plumbing company. During the phone call, Garrity allegedly referred to himself as “Trooper Garrity” and told the plumbing company its driver was operating erratically. A spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said the investigation remains “open and active.” Garrity’s attorney has denied that he made the phone call.

I suspect that Mr Garrity has a strong view on the NSA warrantless wiretapping program, given how little he might want people to know who he calls.

Garrity's history, but that doesn't mean Romney is out of trouble in the Silver Badge of Cowardice scandal.

In addition to Garrity, other aides who used the badges included advance staffers Mark Glanville and William Ritter, the source said.

Also the campaign made a firm denial which will keep the issue open

A spokesman for Romney issued an e-mailed statement. “No one on the Mitt Romney for President campaign is authorized to use a badge, nor has the campaign provided anyone with a badge,” the statement reads. “Jay Garrity is not working on the campaign because he continues to be on a leave of absence.”

Rut Ro.

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