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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Uneven competence in US government service.

A lot has been written about incompetents (Ashcroft) cronies ( Miers ) and incometent cronies (Brown) but fairness requires us to note that one current employee of the executive branch is doing an absolutely stellar job. That would be Patrick Fitzgerald .

Taking on the combined forces of the presumption of innocence, the Bush administration and the mediocracy, Fitzgerald looks set to put Libby and Rove at least in a whole lotta hurt (and maybe the pen).

I guess Bush wishes he made Fitzgerald head of FEMA and Brown the (not quite completely) independent council. I bet he wishes even more that Miers were spending more time with her family and Fitzgerald were trying to convince Senators he belongs on the Supreme Court.

Heeeeey that's it. That's the deal that Rove is working on. Miers is no doubt willing to fall on her sword. I bet that Rove's condifential talks with Fitzgerald are going like this

KR So wanna be on the supreme court ?
PF Sure just as soon as the grand jury returns indictments, its time will be up soon.
KR How about Monday Bush nominates you Monday
PF Sure we can be done by Monday close of business
KR OK it will be the Saturday night supreme court appointment massacre...
and your idiot brother in Law can be ambassador to the Bahamas ...
Look no one's perfect. There must have been one crook who got away from you and thumbed his nose. Want him declared an enemy combatent ?
What do you want ???? Anything anything at all.

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