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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Not really surprising but revolting that Bush was afraid that Blix would clear Saddam Hussein and that he cared more about his image than human life and death.

Douglas Jehl reports

But Bush was also said to be "worried about Saddam playing tricks" and the possibility that Hans Blix, the top United Nations weapons inspector, would report "that Saddam was beginning to cooperate."

"His biggest concern was looking weak," the British document said, describing Bush.

It said that the two leaders had agreed that United Nations inspectors in Iraq should be given "weeks not months," to complete their work.

The United States and Britain led the invasion of Iraq that was launched seven weeks later.

I recall Blix saying he needed "months, not weeks not years months" soon after the conversation between Bush and Blair.

via consortium news via Suburban Guerrilla

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