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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Polls Close in Iraq

It is a sign of my diminished hopes that my first reaction was relief that al Qaeda in Mesopotamia didn't massacre huge numbers of people waiting to vote. Again the courage of Iraqi voters should be an inspiration.

To be cynical it is true that the vote is an excercise in Democracy typical of the US House of Representatives, since people were required to vote on a text which they had not read and which was modified at the last minute.

One thing makes me worry about the future of US style Democracy in Iraq

Bashar Ahmed, 30, ... said “I wrote no for there are a lot of clauses that contradict each other, which gives the idea it is not solid. Also, I found that the federalism is not for unity but to divide Iraq.’’

Hmm a guy in the street who actually knows what is written in the constitution. Have to work on that.

A big purple thumbs up for the Iraqi voters.

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