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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Give Aid to Pakistan

This is completely crazy

The Oct. 8 quake killed more than 53,000 people, injured 74,000 and left an estimated 3 million homeless. Tens of thousands of people remain stranded in inaccessible mountain villages, where aid has not yet arrived, and the death toll could double if help is not "immediately mobilized" for them, said the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.


Oxfam, the international aid agency, criticized a number of rich countries for failing to contribute what Oxfam described as their "fair share," a ratio calculated according to the size of their economy as compared to other industrialized countries.


The United States was among those who contributed less than a fifth of their fair share, according to the group.

It is clear that without an amount of money which is tiny compared to the US budget thousands of people will die. It is obviously morally necessary to give. Also Northern Pakistan is the central front of the war on terror. That's where Bin Laden is hiding. It is clear that US generosity now is the most deadly weapon we can use against al Qaeda.

That the combination of moral and practical necessity is not enough to move the US government shows the depths to which it has sunk.


Anonymous said...

I have a problem giving so much money to Pakistan. Why?? They harbor terrorists for one, two what did they send the US for our own worst natural disaster in the history of this country?? Answer absolutely _amnn nothing!!! Far as I'm concerned we owe them nothing. Tired of this country shelling out loads of money to any country that supports any terrorist organization
Majority of the Pakistany people hate the US. So again we owe them nothing. Started this country should hold all other countries accountable for earthly good will!

Anonymous said...

it's selfinterest, stupid.