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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Cheney Rumour mill spinning faster than a gas centrifuge grinding finer the weaponized anthrax.

Omigod it looks like the rumours of rumours of Cheney being a target are heating up.
a tease from Huffington, disappointment and now what might actually be a real live authentic leak from close to Fitzgerald (via firedoglake)

Jason Leopold writes

Two officials close to Fitzgerald told RAW STORY they have seen documents obtained from the White House Iraq Group which state that Cheney was present at several of the group's meetings. They say Cheney personally discussed with individuals in attendance at least two interviews in May and June of 2003 Wilson gave to New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus, in which he claimed the administration “twisted” prewar intelligence and what the response from the administration should be.

Cheney was interviewed by the FBI surrounding the leak in 2004. According to the New York Times, Cheney was asked whether he knew of any concerted effort by White House aides to name Ms. Wilson.

No way Cheney refrained from the temptation to obstruct justice. There is certainly at least enough evidence to name him as an unindicted co conspirator even if it can't be proven that ordered the leak.

Discussion of the White House Iraq Group during trials should be deadly to Bush. Most Americans now think invading Iraq was a mistake. An extensive debate about what means were used to convince them it was a good idea beginning August 2002 and lasting for months during which Bush claimed no decision had been made will force them to face the fact that Bush lied to them again and again.

It is likely that, when reporting on the trials, the press will focus on well you know guilt or innocence. The Democrats have to make the connection to the clearly legal but depraved standard operating procedure of lying to the public.

Oh and I stand by my cynical suggestion. The only way the Bush administration can protect itself from Fitzgerald is to nominate him to the supreme court. It's reaching the point that I'm not even sure I am joking.

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