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Saturday, October 15, 2005

How about that Times Picayune ?

In all of the Katrina horror one of the most shocking moments was Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard's tearful tirade against FEMA. At one point Broussard seemed to don a tinfoil hat claiming that FEMA had cut Jefferson Parish communications.

It is now clear that he wasn't exagerating one little tiny bit. The Times Picayune writes

Jefferson Parish officials say the Federal Emergency Management Agency knocked out their radio communications with field workers for several critical hours on Aug. 31, two days after Hurricane Katrina made landfall.

Telecommunications Director JoAnn Becnel said Tuesday that a contractor investigating the failure discovered that radio cables and equipment leading to an antenna atop the Galleria office building in Metairie had been disconnected and replaced with cables and equipment belonging to FEMA.

Now the Times Non Picayune has to figure out some way to regain credibility after the Judith Miller follies. I suggest that they might unscrupulously attempt to acquire the much greater credibility of that other paper by renaming themselves The New York Times-Picayune.

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