Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What [Democratic Primary] voters think is important

While bashing Brooks and Beinart, many of my favorite bloggers have noted that, while pundits who advocated invading eagerly say that Iraq is no longer an issue, ordinary people are much more likely to describe it as the number one issue than any other issue according to this CBS New York Times poll (*.pdf).

Let's see. Bush approval down to 28% check, Democrats strongly favored check. Hmm sounds like the American people have grown up.

OK likely Democratic primary voters (the cream) "what specifically is it about [andidate name] that makes you want to support him/her.
number 1 "16% experience"
number 2 "13% Is Married to Bill Clinton"

Huh wah ? Oh my. You've come a long way baby, but not quite as far as you thought (OK I know you have internal polling). Oh my that no good hound dog is a liability isn't he ?

Clinton is 17 points ahead of Obama, so she wins even among voters for whom being married to Bill Clinton is not the deal clincher.

Ah polls can't take politics seriously without them, can't take politics seriously with them.

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