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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Try try again.

Matt Yglesias who is young and a sole blogger writes

I'm hoping someone's making a list of these new regulatory initiatives to make sure whoever secures the GOP nomination (though it looks increasingly like none of the candidates could possibly win) needs to take ownership of this sort of muck.

I think he is getting a bit overconfident. What about the dread Huckabee ? Charming, loved by the press, manages to present himself as a social conservative but egalitarian (with a tax proposal which would shift the burden down the income distribution beyond the wildest dreams of Reagan and Bush). Charming, loved by the press, never flip flopped.

How are we going to stop him ? Noting his main policy proposal is insane ? That's always true about Republicans and never works. Noting that he lobbied for the release of a rapist who went on to rape again and murder ? Hey IOKIYR. He talks to God on his cell phone and this cell phone detesting atheist thinks its witty. The man is dangerous.

Waaay back in 2006 people younger than about 50 couldn't believe that the Democrats were actually going to win one, since we had never seen such an event. Now I think that really young people such as yourself are underestimating the chance that the Democrats will find a way to lose this one. I said this about a post at Ezra's place only to be informed (by Ezra in person) that the post was by Stephen who is an actual father.

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