Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Very important article by Dan Eggan and Walter Pincus actually made it to Page A1 of the Post.

FBI agents and former agents, including one Retired FBI agent Daniel Coleman who is willing to be quoted by name, claim that Abu Zubaida was not an important leader of al Qaeda and didn't know much,
that CIA interrogators refused to face this fact and therefore waterboarded him
that he provided most of the useful information he provided before being waterboarded,
and that he made up a lot of nonsense while being waterboarded to make it stop.

The CIA contests these assertions but are very very vague.

I'd say that someone ought to pull up a witness chair for Mr Coleman

All of the claims made by Coleman and anonymous others have appeared on blogs, but a named source and a page A1 article in the Post change things.

Wing nuts and torture lovers will never be convinced, but I guess most people without a firm opinion about the effectiveness of torture will be convinced , because the vagueness of claims about useful information obtained via torture contrasts sharply with the precision of claims about the useful information obtained by questioning without torture (horrors I'm debating the effectiveness of torture).

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