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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

David Herszenhorn has an excellent article in the New York Times on Republican abuse of the filibuster in the Senate. The cannons of MSM journalism prevent him from pointing out that when he writes "Republicans" he means "liars" or naming said
Republicans, but he makes it very clear that whoever they are, they are lying.

Republicans, in turn, accuse the Democrats of carrying out such an uncompromising and politically tinged legislative agenda that they have no choice but to block many bills. They also say that filibusters are often needed to hold up legislation temporarily so they can achieve crucial changes that Democrats would otherwise be unwilling to consider.


Until that happens again, said Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader, people can expect to see plenty of filibuster threats. “I think we can stipulate once again for the umpteenth time that matters that have any level of controversy about it in the Senate will require 60 votes,” he said.

OK so Mitch McConnell and some other Republicans claim that "any level of controversy" implies that Democrats have an "uncompromising and politically tinged legislative agenda."

They can filibuster, but they can't get their story straight.

I think Senator McConnell might be a bit too openly cynical for his own good. I hope he is too openly cynical to get re-elected.

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