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Monday, May 03, 2004

Freud may have had a point there

I am anything but an enthusiast for Freud but I must admit that there seems to be a Freudian slip in the Washington Post online article about US techniques for interrogating Iraqis.

"Interviews with former Iraqi prisoners and human-rights advocates present a picture of the U.S. prison system here as a vast wartime effort to extract information from the enemy rather than to punish criminals. Former prisoners say lengthy interrogation sessions, employing sleep depravation,..."

Of course the use of the word depravation might not be a slip at all. It might be a choice made by the person who posts the stories on the web.

In fact, just to show how little I am a fan of Freud, I note that one of the examples of Freudian slips noted in his "introductory lectures on psychoanalisis" came from a newspaper. From evidence that there is more than one will and intention at work behind the text of a newspaper, he inferred that there is more than one will and intention at work inside each single person.

I wonder why so many people have had such feith in his judgement.

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