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Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Bush administration never misses a chance to miss a chance.
The New York Times reports that they have chosen Dr Dr. Iyad (Bay of Goats) Allawi as interim prime minister of Iraq. The article makes it very clear that this decision was imposed on the UN
At United Nations headquarters in New York, officials contended that they were caught unawares by the announcement but said that they endorsed the choice.

"Mr. Brahimi respects the decision and says he can work with this person," said Fred Eckhard, the spokesman for Secretary General Kofi Annan. Asked what Mr. Annan's view was, Mr. Eckhard said, "The Secretary General respects the decision, as I said Mr. Brahimi does. `Respect' is a very carefully chosen word."


Mr. Eckhard said, "This is not the way we expected this to happen, no, but the Iraqis seem to agree on this name, and if they do, Mr. Brahimi is ready to work with him."

In plain English "the Iraqis" are the unpopular US nominated IGC which just chose to name a member who is a long-time exile close to the CIA. The Bush administration went along, although it had previously said the IGC would not have authority to choose without reaching agreement with the coalition and the UN. The UN then had to go along but they are diplomatically making it clear that they are angry.

I can't believe that I let myself be disappointed by the Bush administration. I thought they had made it clear that they had given Brahimi power to choose the interim prime minister provided he consulted with Robert D. Blackwill and that they agreed on Hussain Shahristani. I let myself hope.

In fact I became irrationally optimistic, irrationally because Bush is still president.

The least of the matter is that this ruins my unfunny by erudite joke
"What the Iraqi interim government needs is to avoid exclusion focus like a laser beam and achieve strength through coherence. As a physicist, Shahristani knows that all of these things depend on Spin."

The Pauli exclusion principal applies to fermions which have spin an odd multiple of hbar/2. In contrast, Bozons which have spin a multiple of hbar can be identical. In fact, because of the coherant supposition of wave states bozons such as photons can make powerful beams as occurs in a laser.

Also Lakhdar Brahimi found out about Shahristani when Shahristani wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and the thought that the cure of Iraq's woes was found in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal was so sureally weird as to be wonderful.

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