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Monday, March 22, 2010 posts something useful

They have a what the health care bill means for you interactive.

It is a bit over polite. I typed in the claims of family income of $1,000,000 per year and claimed to be on medicaid. The program said "There will be no change in your insurance coverage." I suppose that's accurate, but it might also have said "stop trying to mess with my central processing unit."

The program also does not have an option to note that I am not legally resident in the USA. Totally aside from undocumented aliens, has many readers who surf over from other countries as I do.

Still the feature is great. It asserts, correctly, that coverage will improve or stay the same, and that taxes only increase if family income is over 250,000.

The part I like best is that it does not have the option of "I'm on a Medicare advantage plan" or "My employer pays over whatever a year for my insurance" which would lead to "The reform does not mandate any cuts in your coverage, but it will indirectly cause your insurance company to provde a less generous package."

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