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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How does one write this

"Three "to"'s are two too many to remember" ?

I was trying to explain English spelling to my daughter and said that. She laughed (she has the kind of sense of humor required to enjoy jokes about English spelling).

She said post it on your blog. But I can't. The second word must be spelled three different ways.

I just can't handle English spelling and dont even mention punctuation

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Michael Drake said...

Very amusing. This is a general problem for orthographical puns (to coin a term (maybe).) In your example, the first 'to' refers to the general sound unit that corresponds to the English words to, too and two. So here's a stab at a "proper" spelling: "Three /t^hu/s are two too many." (The ^h denotes aspiration of the preceding consonant - the "sup" tag isn't supported in comments.)