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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brilliant but Clueless

Abu Muquawama has a brilliant post on Brett Stephens (not the subject of this post -- he is clueless all right). In the post Abu Muquawama writes this

"Haifa Wehbe, meanwhile? Well, judge for yourselves, but whereas Lady Gaga is a Tisch School-trained provocateuse, Hizballah-supporting Haifa strikes me as a less sophisticated one-trick pony pretty much mixing sex with music with, well, more sex."

Then presents this video as evidence

First Abu Muquawama is brilliant (as demonstrated by the rest of the post) but also clueless about that video. SEx and more sex ?!? My impression is that the video is very sophisticated, brilliant, and witty video and I don't understand a word of Arabic.

Second Haifa Wehbe is beautiful, has a great voice and is a brilliant actress, but, she's clueless about politics if she really supports Hisballah.

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