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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

George Orwell and the Health Care Summit

Newt Gingrich has concluded that George Orwell would have opposed the US health care reform bill. I do not usually agree with Mr Gingrich so I take special pleasure in agreeing with him on this point.

Orwell's views on health care reform were clear. He supported the Bevan reform, that is, government takeover of health care. Given his stated views on the subject, one can only assume that he would oppose the Senate bill, the House bill and single payer as insufficiently socialist.

I might add that he was bitterly disappointed by the timidity of the Atlee government. Oh and his political ideal was Aneurin Bevan "With Bevan in 10 Downing street and me as his eminence grise we could get the country to rights in no time" (I am quoting from memory).

Bevan resigned in protest from the Atlee government, because they watered down his health care reform (which was as noted above a government takeover of health care). The breaking point came when they decided that the public treasury not pay for eyeglasses and dentures.

Yes dentures played a central role in the break between the moderate and left socialist wings of the labour party.

My understanding is that Mr Gingrich has a PhD in History.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I've heard that too(PhD in history). But one wonders. I have heard him speak of McKinley as a free-trader. I think this is the same McKinley as the MiKinley of the McK tariff(48.4%). One wonders.