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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

McJoan's extensive typo

McJoan wrote "We can thank Ben Nelson for one thing in the reform bill--the Medicaid expansion included for all states was the result of his politically disastrous deal for Nebraska." Hhh??!?!?

The medicaid expansion has been in every draft of the bill. The change in the newly signed bill due to Nelson is the special deal for Nebraska. If the reconciliation bill passes, there will be a further change indirectly due to Nelson -- full federal funding for the medicaid expansion.

As of now, the medicaid expansion is, for states other than Nebraska, a partialy federally funded mandate.

If the text of the post asserts that the medicaid expansion was added at the last minute. Since this is, by far, the most important and progressive part of the bill which was uhm not immediately warmly embraced by dailyKos, I almost wonder if that text is not a large typo. But of course it is, the words "full federal funding of the" were accidentally omitted between "the" and "Medicaid."

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