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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mouthpiece Theater Explained

There has been a little web to do about "Mouthpiece Theater" starring Dana Milbank (who is no longer a member of the National Association for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and Chris Cilizza (whose byline is on the original ballanced article for which he blames an anonymous editor).

They had a stupid skit on the stupid beer summit in which the told a very stupid sexist joke involving the words "Hillary", "Clinton" and bitch."

Everyone who is even a tiny bit cool, thinks this video mocking them is awesome (I agree).

and their followup video is lame.

Uh Oh I'm in trouble now. I laughed out loud at the Milbank and Cilizza video. Does this mean I'm a square (or whatever you kids these days call us laimos).

I can explain the logic of their humor which is very logical.

1) they are claiming that they got in trouble for profanity not for stupidity and sexism. They are invoking "blowjob" from Marcy Wheeler ... I mean that they got in trouble as she did for using a forbidden word and not for being irritating unfunny nasty sexist idiots (IUNSI).

This is very logical. I personally would much prefer to be classified as "like Marcy Wheeler -- the person who shows that excellent journalism is still possible in the USA" than as an IUNSI.

The Milbank ditties are meant to show that he is not allowed to say anything. The electric shock reflects the fact that there are two limericks which begin "There once was a man from Nantucket ..." one of which is naughty.

Worked for me.

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