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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Google fail effort in progress

John Cole has a question

From today’s WaPo chat:

Oklahoma City, OK: In yesterday’s politics chat one of the posters wondered why it was “legal” for vocal critics of the administration to show up at congressional town halls and sometimes shout and yell. Does no one on the left recall eight years under George W. Bush when everywhere he went there were shrieking leftist protestors shouting “Hitler!” and hanging him in effigy? Some folks act like amngry fringe types are uniqie to the right.

I don’t recall George Bush being hanged in effigy by amngry fringe types. Does anyone else? Did this actually happen or is it just some new winger talking point?

so I tried to google Bush burned effigy and "bush burned in effigy" and so forth and so on. Google kept sending me to recent claims that Bush was regularly burned in effigy and to Iraqis burning Bush in effigy. I did get two events involving Bush and shoes in Washington DC.

The I thought I had an honest to God hit.

Now that is my kind of protest (except for the 60% required to end the filibuster part).

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