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Friday, March 27, 2009

Self Referential Meta Echo Chamber Blogging

I just checked Gmail and found (to my amazement) that Brad DeLong had accepted my hinted request to be allowed to post on his blog provided I quoted either John Maynard Keynes or George Orwell.

Thrilled I went off to typepad and posted John Maynard Keynes proposing non standard monetary policy in 1937 (policymakers such as Ben Bernanke followed his advice a mere 72 years later).

Then I went to Krugman's blog. He discusses the Gold standard. I thought his readers might want to see Brad's Brad's colorized version of a league of nations graph (black and white original also from 1937).

Scrolling down, I find Brad's comment on the Krugman post which I think would benefit from a comment linking to Brad's graph.

My comment on Brad's comment on Krugman is -- over there in the USA you are not handcuffed by Golden Fetters but over here in Europe, we are handcuffed by the Growth and Stability Pact.

Then I find that Brad has already linked to the first Three comments by Keynes (including the long version of the one I posted at his blog).

Now I have open tabs, including Matty Yglesias commenting on an interview with, you guessed it, Brad DeLong and and article in the same issue of the same journal on a kid who painted a "60 foot phallus" on the roof of his parents mansion hoping that it would be noticed by google-earth. I found the e-mail from Brad authorizing me to quote Keynes and Orwell, when I went to Gmail to congratulate him on getting published by such a major huge upstanding journal and include the link to the other article.

My head is spinning.

What with all the linking and desperate efforts to get attention from google related program activities, I haven't actually gotten around to reading the interview.

OK read it. 2 thoughts. Brad thinks "many sophisticated investors" have given their money to hedge funds to manage (I think most were fools who were convinced that hedge fund managers were smart, because the hedge fund managers were, in effect, buying on margin in a bubble) and he thinks if the economy collapses we will only care about " bottled water, sewing needles, and ammunition."

Who cares about sewing needles ? Compared to Brad I'm bullish on canned food and bearish on sewing needles.

I'm off to drink some bottled water.

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