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Monday, March 16, 2009

I am storing pdf's at google sites so you can see my research efforts

1. Income Distribution, Infant Mortality and Health Care Expenditure by Tilman Tacke and Robert Waldmann

2. Xin Long & Alessandra Pelloni & Robert Waldmann, 2008. "Lump-Sum Taxes in a R&D Model," CEIS Research Paper 120, Tor Vergata University, CEIS, revised 14 Jul 2008

3. Emanuele Millemaci & Robert J. Waldmann, 2008. "Dynamically Inconsistent Preferences and Money Demand," CEIS Research Paper 129, Tor Vergata University, CEIS, revised 09 Sep 2008.

4. Nazaria Solferino & Robert J. Waldmann, 2008. "Predicting the Signs of Forecast Errors," CEIS Research Paper 135, Tor Vergata University, CEIS, revised 24 Nov 2008.

5. Carlo Ciccarelli & Luigi Giamboni & Robert J. Waldmann, 2008. "Cigarette Smoking, Pregnancy, Forward Looking Behavior and Dynamic Inconsistency," CEIS Research Paper 132, Tor Vergata University, CEIS, revised 14 Nov 2008.

6. Giamboni, Luigi & Millemaci, Emanuele & Waldmann, Robert, 2007. "Evaluating how predictable errors in expected income a ffect consumption," MPRA Paper 12939, University Library of Munich, Germany.

7. Ricci Andrea & Waldmann Robert, 2006. "Employment Protection, Firms’Financed Training and a Theoretical Analysis," Departmental Working Papers 230, Tor Vergata University, CEIS.

8. Robert Waldmann "The Infant Mortality Rate is Higher Where the Rich are Richer."

It seems that the version of 8 above doesn't contain the tables with the actual empirical results. Here are some relevant tables (I don't promise that they are numbered in a way which corresponds to references in the text). Thanks to Tilman in comments. I have sole responsibility for remaining amazing sloppiness.

9. Robert Waldmann, 2001. "Dollarization Of Liabilities And The Value Of Collatera," Departmental Working Papers 137, Tor Vergata University, CEIS.


Anonymous said...

Do you have the tables for "The Infant Mortality Rate is Higher Where the Rich are Richer."?

Anonymous said...

Nice paper.