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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Dirty Rotten Job, but Someone Has to Do it II.

Atrios knows what the USA could use right now.

You know what we could use right now? Another lovely little war. Anyone know who the current Hitler of the week is?

Oh so the US economy needs a new Hitler so like WWII ended the depression ...

OK I Robert Waldmann declare myself supreme dictator of the universe.

I am a radical Manskist.

Our slogan is "maximize the score" (we are sometimes confused with obnoxious pro football coaches)

My aim is to enslave the USA and force you all to conduce serious social science based on credible identifying assumptions and without any reliance on economic theory.

If you love truth, freedom and distributional assumptions, you have no choice but to spend huge amounts of money to fight me.

I'm virtually in your census block collecting your data.

Bwa ha ha ha.

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