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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Elite Groups

Non Senator Al Franken will be honored by the USO for his tireless efforts to entertain US service people.

I was surprised to learn something I should have known

"the nation's 98 living Medal of Honor recipients"

That's a small group. There are currently the exact same number of non Medal of Honor winning senators as Medal of Honor recipients (Daniel Inouye is a mamber of both groups).

Over 2% of Medal of Honor recipients are now or have ever been Senators (Bob Kerry has been a senator) .

I don't want to be ghoulish, but I can't help wondering how many living hands and feet of Medal of Honor recipients there are, since the two Senators both won the medal when they continued fighting after losing a limb.

On a more mature note, I wonder who the other 96 are, and why I never looked them up. I owe them.

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