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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kevin Drum has a good idea, but is much to timid

The question is how can Obama pierce the bubble.

Ezra Klein proposes someone to summarize the blogosphere so he can gain from the policy expertise out there (fame is going to the kid's head).

Drum says just read some blogs (and keep those blogs secret).

Nahh to get out of the insider elite circle of pundits, talking heads, print journalists and bloggers he's got to anonymously become a Kos diarist, a freeper, a member of Democracy underground and, just for balance a member of the The People’s Revolutionary Council for Centrism 4 Connecticut for Lieberman.*

So the real question is, what nickname should he choose ?

To me the high point of the Obama Presidency and the only rival for high point of human history with the time Vaclav Havel declared Frank Zappa ambassador plenipotentiary to the US government was the "mutts like me." joke, so I favor mutt712098 (whatever it takes to be a unique nickname).

OK so I'm not serious, I think the high point of Republican rule in my lifetime was "read my hips"

* This passage was missing from the post as noted by a commenter. I swear the site was hacked by our arch enemies, the dread Connecticut Centrist Revolutionary Council for for Lieberman.

update: Total incoherence due to cutting and pasting reduced thanks to Vance Maverick in comments.


Vance Maverick said...

just for balance a member of

and, for balance, a

I don't get it -- perhaps a footnote or link to explain the aposiopesis?

Vance Maverick said...

Thanks for filling in the second gap. I still wonder about the first....