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Wednesday, April 20, 2011 headline guy (or gal)
now with screenshots

A more complete headline would be "Poll Finds Little Support for Debt Remedies Which are Tirelessly Advocated by Washington Post." Debt remedies which We don't advocate don't count.

In the actual article (which carefully buries the lede)

In his speech last week, the president renewed his call to raise tax rates on family income over $250,000, and he appears to hold the high ground politically, according to the poll. At this point, 72 percent support raising taxes along those lines, with 54 percent strongly backing this approach. The proposal enjoys the support of majorities of Democrats (91 percent), independents (68 percent) and Republicans (54 percent). Only among people with annual incomes greater than $100,000 does less than a majority “strongly support” such tax increases.

I think the only fair and balanced headline would be "Public Agrees with Obama not Ryan" with a sub headline. More than half of self identified Republicans support higher taxes on the rich.

The Republican party is so radical that it has lost the support, on the issues, of its base.

Yet for some reason, respondents don't know that they disagree with what Republicans are doing. Republicans agree with Obama and disagree with Republicans in Congress on actual policy proposals, yet " political independents side with the Republicans on tackling the burgeoning debt."

Could it be that the media haven't informed them, because the facts have a clear liberal bias ?

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