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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Giving the Devil his dues

I am going to discuss the hypothesis that Satan's commercial policy has diversified so that he is no longer interested only in buying souls and also considers third party transactions which MERS wouldn't touch. I know this sounds implausible, but consider the evidence.

My theory is that Reince Priebus tried to sell his sould to the Devil, but the Devil (who knows how to bargain) bid up the price to include the brains of all Republicans in Wisconsin.

Consider the evidence. First consider the remarkable rise of RNC chairman Reince Priebus. He became a Republican superstar because of the astonishing Republican victories in Wisconsin. Now he is off in Washington and doesn't have to worry about the people who he helped win elections.

Since then Scott Walker has picked a fight with the people of Wisconsin over public sector union collective bargaining. Then he explained his strategy (and revealed that he had been lying to the public) to someone who claimed to be David Kock talking to him on Snype. Then he defied a court order not to publish the law in the State Journal by publishing it somewhere else, declared it to be effective and had the state stop collecting union dues from unionised state employees.

He also appointed the father of the Wisconsin House speaker and Senate majority leader and the 25 year old mistress of a State Senator whose wife signed a recall petition to recall him (from office I don't think he is welcome back in his former house).

OK you say, maybe just normal stupidity plus bad luck. But what about Sean Duffy who complained at a town meeting that he can barely get buy on $179,000 per year, then posted the video on the web, then took it down and threatened TPM.Com with a suit for copyright infringement if they didn't take it down, then when the took down the full tape and posted an edited version (on legal advice) complained to CNN that the editing was deceptive. A CNN reporter fell for the story. This will cause much gloating by employees of all other news sources. Oh and an on the air apology on CNN followed by the advice that CNN viewers check at ""*

This demonstrates a super human level of idiocy. No mere human stupidity could have caused Rep Duffy and staff to shoot themselves in the foot, both hands and their left ear.

I think the only possible explanation is that Reince Priebus sold the intelligence of the Wisconsin Republican party to the devil and the devil is collectin his dues.

as part of the deal, the Devil did get Joe Johns to give the wrong url not To let the devil take away their brains and make CNN competent, Priebus would have demanded the Presidency

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