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Friday, April 01, 2011

Japanese Robot Shortage

Yes, I am currently alarmed by a Japanese Robot Shortage

I am attempting to face the future without curling up into a fetal position and sucking my thumb, because I think that a shortage of robots in Japan may have been the very very least of all my worries a month ago.

What could have been less alarming than the prospect that Japan might lack the robots it needs ?

Other implausable headlines include

Sarkozy Offers Sympathy (for the facts without that headline)

I found out about Sarkozy's Tech and sympathy trip, because I was wondering why he isn't sending the foreign legion into Ivory Coast. So I am worried about a Japanese robot shortage and French reluctance to intervene in its former African colonies.

I shudder to think what will worry me next month --

Unitarian fundamentalism ?

Overpowerful moderate Republicans ?

A communist revolution in the Vatican State ?

Commenters are invited to try to think of a headline less plausible that "Sarkozy offers Japan Sympathy and a Robot."


Mark A. Sadowski said...

The Japanese have been far too busy developing robotic pets, and robots that can play virtuoso violin, to develop robots that can be used in nuclear reactor disasters, or anything else that is anywhere useful. (Like, um, in, uh, saving lives.)

By the way, a robot was used at Three Mile Island by the US, OVER 30 YEARS AGO!

So much for the much vaunted Japanese technological brilliance.

Mark A. Sadowski said...

The Japanese are far too busy building robotic pets and robots that play virtuoso violin to build robots that save lives.

BTW, the US used robots at TMI over 30 years ago.

I wonder where the Japanese got such a reputation for technological brilliance?