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Friday, August 22, 2008

What Is McCain's Worst Recent Gaffe ?

He seems to have managed to semi laugh off saying one needs $ 5 million in income to be rich (that would make him barely rich) but not his confusion about how many houses his wife owns. However, the most costly gaffe might be his assertion that water rights should be shifted away from Colorado reflecting population growth in California Nevada and Arizona. That was dumb dumb dumb. I mean dumber than George Bush. I mean does this man have the mental capacity to be President -- of a condominium association.

"The water compact that Colorado and other upper basin states have with California and Arizona should be renegotiated, U.S. Sen. John McCain said Thursday."

Reported by the Pueblo Chieftan. Don't mess with them -- el pueblo chieftan jamás será vencido.

OK so he just pissed off voters in Colorado. So what ? Well that happens to be the state which, according to is most likely to decide the election (easy to pick out on the map entitled "Tipping Point States" hint "colorado" means red in Spanish).

Only John McCain could make Colorado Azul.

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