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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The National Review's Corner Gives me another reason to vote for Obama
(not that I needed one). National Review Via Mother Jones

The 3 am text message announcement was a subtle dig at Hillary; Biden's a blowhard; he thinks he's smarter than you; it's "the most self-loving ticket ever"; he's a plagiarist; he's a pro-choice Catholic, just like John Kerry; he doesn't represent change; he's unpopular in Iraq.

OK I like the 3 am text message dig (if that's what it was) but I really really like the idea of taking a blowhard senator who thinks he's smarter than me (but is "not bright") and making him vice President. Oohhhh yesss. I would have loved it when it happened to Johnson if I had been following politics from my crib.

Look the US senate is hog heaven for self loving blowhards. In the Senate they can shut down the legislative process *and* force people to listen to them. Vice Presidents in contrast are required by the constitution to be humiliated. Joe blowhard paying second fiddle to a man who is 18 years younger ?

Just give me a ballot.

1 comment:

Brendan said...

I love when the wingnuts pretend to have sympathy for Hillary.

They so wanted to run against her, and now they have all that bile stored up, and no place to spew it. Using her to try to stir up the last six actual, True Believer, PUMA-types has to feel like mighty poor compensation.