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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ask and it will already be on the web somewhere

TPM reader JS asks:

I wish team Obama would drive the elitism point home by doing the math on how much of a tax break John and Cindy McCain would get from McCain’s plan vs the avg American (at the US median household income). And then for good measure show what would happen with Obama’s plan.

This would keep the theme of McCain’s elitism and Republican elitist economics in the press for a while longer

Matt Yglesias notes that it is out there (not far from his blog either).

Based on 2006 income and compared to current law, the Think Progress WonkRoom calculates that under McCain prosposes cutting the McCains' taxes by $373,429 (even more than they spend on servants) while Obama proposes cutting the McCains's taxes by only $5,641.

Of course, McCain isn't selfish -- he's willing to share the wealth with people he considers middle class like the Obamas who would save $49,392 under the McCain plan and $6,124 under the Obama plan.

The Obamas' savings would be much higher if the McCain plan were applied to 2007 income as Obama's royalties have become, if not royal, at least uhm upper upper middle class according to McCain.

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