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Friday, August 22, 2008

So McCain has gone with Rezko to make up for not knowing how many houses he owns.

On the sphere the guys are saying that Obama should reply with Keating. Nah.

The Keating 5 is old news. There is a much newer scandal


(you know the guy who hired Iseman as a lobbyist and she was the one you don't know (or care) if she slept with McCain).

Down to law McCain claimed he never talked to Paxson about the TV station he wanted to buy and needed FCC approval *and* signed a sword deposition that he did talk to Paxson about exactly that. An FC commissioner protested when McCain pressed the FCC to decide quickly.

But there is more, much much more and Josh Marshall knows all about it (he's developing sourcing)

Won't hurt that anyone writing about it will have to mention the issue that we don't care about related to Iseman the lobbyist who lobbied and that's what we care about.

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