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Monday, August 25, 2008

A Villain For Our Time*

Why did Georgia explode just now ? As my 11 year old demands that I find video of the closing ceremony of the Peking Olympics I wonder what moved Russian President Putin Medvedev to have S. Ossets shell Georgian villages provoking the Georgian idiot commander in chief to launch an offensive into South Ossetia.

My current guess is that he wanted to steal the spotlight from Peking. It is bad enough that Russia no longer hopes to be the worlds vanguard, but at least it can hope to be the number one rival of the USA.

*I am reading "A Hero for Our Time" and note that, back in 1840, Russians didn't have much sympathy for Ossets and tended to be a bit casual about the distinction between Ossets and Georgians. Also they were fighting Chechens.

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