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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Usually acute Mark Kleiman Writes

"Giuliani looks like an idiot comparing the Second Amendment to the First Amendment after his career-long devotion to gun control."

which can only be interpreted as suggesting that Prof. Kleiman thinks that, if Giuliani felt the same way about the second amendment as he does about the first then he would give a hoot for some so called "right to bear arms".

This would be the former mayor who said that’s ad criticizing Gen. Petreaus was out of bounds and hinted that the group should face some sort of sanction.

“They passed a line that we should not allow an American political organization to pass,” he said. “We are at war right now, whether some people want to recognize it or not.”

Seems to me that his coded message to gun control advocates is that he went up in front of the big bad NRA and told them that he has as much contempt for their idea that they have a right to bear arms as for MoveOn's belief that they have a right to criticize a general, and that, if he is elected, he will ban private ownership of firearms. Kinda his sister Souljah moment.

I'm tempted to say that I have just as much respect for Giuliani as he has for the bill of rights, but I'm trying to keep this blog civil.

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