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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Petraeus confesses to Perjury

Under oath Petraeus claimed that his figures for ethno-sectarian violence included killings by bomb "it's not that complicated": if "al-Qaeda bombs a Shiite area," it's sectarian violence." This was perjury.

At the National Press Club this morning, Gen. Petraeus for the first time peeled back the curtain behind his questioned methodology for tabulating ethno-sectarian violence. Calling his methodology "pretty logical and rational," the general said he has a "three-page document" -- he read from it at his Press Club podium [snip] So what is a sectarian murder?

"Civilians who show signs of being blindfolded, tortured or being shot anywhere, and so forth."

OK so how does al Qaeda blindfold, torture or shoot people with bombs ? One claim, made under oath, is that deaths from bombings are counted. The explanation shows that this is not true. It is obvious from the numbers that this is not true. That's perjury.

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