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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Petraeus Perjury Proof Part III

I am consistently commenting on TPM Muckraker not even raking conventional media pre raked muck. MNF-I just definitely claimed that deaths from bombings are included in their figures for ethno-sectarian violence. Thus that which seemed to me to be a confession of perjury has been clarified or retracted.

However, no matter how firmly MNF-I claims that they count deaths from bombings, it is obvious to anyone who pays attention to the news and looks at their numbers that they don't. That would imply an implausible decline in ethno-sectarian killings outside of Baghdad in August excluding August 14 from roughly 600 in July to 30 in August.

This is clear because there were an estimated 572 clearly sectarian murders in Qahtaniya on August 14 2007.

Now it might be reasonable to estimate the August average excluding the 14th (or Qahtaniya) as an outlier. I believe that the horrible crime and catastrophe could have occurred in any month for years and is not connected to the surge. However, to throw out data without mentioning that one has done so when you describe one's calculation is to lie, and, in this case, to commit a felony.

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