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Friday, September 07, 2007

Josh Marshall asks I Obey

His bleg is my command.

Here's where we need your help. There's a real needle in a haystack quality to finding these AP statistics. You can see the ones we have above. If you'd like to help, we're trying to track down the numbers for 2006. If you can find them, send us an email with the subject "Iraq Numbers". In the email include the month, the number, the citation of the article where you found the number and the sentence -- word for word -- in which the number appears. If you have a link to an article online, all the better. If it looks like we've got one of the numbers for 07 wrong, by all means let us know that too.

Yes sir with google even

I get

The AP wire (AP)
Updated: 2006-12-31 09:02

December also appeared to be one of the worst months for Iraqi civilian deaths since the AP began keeping track in May 2005.

Through Friday, at least 2,186 Iraqis have been killed in war-related or sectarian violence in December, an average rate of about 75 people a day, according to an AP count. That compares to at least 2,184 killed in November at an average of about 70 a day, the worst month for Iraqi civilians deaths since May 2005. In October, AP counted at least 1,216 civilians killed.

Odd URL but it seems straight from AP.

confirmation URL

to add to the series from Talking Points Memo

The one set of numbers we've found that appears to go back some way (a couple years) and have a consistent methodology are those compiled by the Associated Press from police reports about deaths in Iraq. To further the confusion, though, the AP seems unwilling to assemble these numbers together in one place, so you need to go back and piece together the separate monthly numbers from individual stories.

So far, with some sleuthing yesterday by myself and Spencer Ackerman, we've got these numbers.

Jan 07: 1,604
Feb 07: 1,552
March 07: 1,572*
April 07:
May 07: 2155
June 07: 1640
July 07: 1760
August 07: 1809

update also

October death tolls climb in Iraq
High casualty numbers come as NSA advisor makes unexpected visit

By Steven R. Hurst (The Associated Press)

According to an Associated Press count, October has also recorded more Iraqi civilian deaths - 1,170 as of Monday - than any other month since the AP began keeping track in May 2005. The next-highest month was March 2006, when 1,038 Iraqi civilians were killed in the aftermath of the Feb. 22 bombing of an important Shiite shrine in Samarra.


Date: July 3, 2006
Author: Bassem Mroue (Associated Press Writer)
Source: EarthLinkNews

Of the 1,006 Iraqis reported killed in political or sectarian violence last month, 885 were civilians,


BAGHDAD, Iraq -- The death toll among Iraqi civilians in insurgency-related violence last year was more than twice as high as the country's soldiers and police combined, according to government figures obtained Thursday by the Associated Press.

The Iraqi civilian death toll for 2005 was 4,024, according to figures compiled by the Health Ministry. The toll for the first two months of this year already is 1,093.

so now:
All 2005 4,024
Jan 06: <1,093
Feb 06:
Mar 06: 1,038
Apr 06: <1,093
May 06: <1,093
Jun 06: 885
Jul 06: <1,093
Aug 06: <1,093
Sep 06: <1,093
Oct 06: 1,216
Nov 06: 2,184
Dec 06: > 2,186 (2,186 reported on Dec 31)
Jan 07: 1,604
Feb 07: 1,552
March 07: 1,572*
April 07:
May 07: 2155
June 07: 1640
July 07: 1760
August 07: 1809


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