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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I thought that this by Gavin M at Sadly No was a bit sophomoric (isn't that the point) and disrespectful of Matthew Yglesias and Ezra Klein who are older than I am (that is the sum of their ages is
greater than mine).

McArdle: I’m going to hold this football here, and you guys come kick it, okay?

Yglesias: Okay.

Klein: Watch out, ’cause I’m really going to kick that football this time.

Then I read Ezra explaining that, when he admitted he was a member of the DC blogger elite he was being modest.

Alright, so long as people are actually linking to the Wall Street Journal article on DC's new blogging elite, I should probably explain what I meant by the term. My point, which got a bit lost, is that it's a bad thing.

OK but take some advice from an old timer. The key, Ezra is to make sure you get a really strong running start and follow through with the kick.

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