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Friday, November 03, 2006

update posing as a new post.

I can't equal Instapundit's idiocy no matter how hard I try.

Just below, I commented on a badly written sentence before finishing the article which I just finished reading. When I posted, I had already read the very clear sentence
In September, the Web site began posting the nuclear documents, and some soon raised concerns. On Sept. 12, it posted a document it called “Progress of Iraqi nuclear program circa 1995.” That description is potentially misleading since the research occurred years earlier.

Which undoes the not really possible honest confusion due to the badly written sentence and makes it clear, again, that Iraqi efforts to construct the bomb ceased years before 1995 and, thus, years before 2003.

Clicking on the link to instapundit I notice an update. It is clear that Reynolds can't stand the idea that the New York Times has outdone him in idiocy even for one day and concludes

Kind of undercuts that whole "Bush lied about WMD" thing. Reader Eric Anondson emails: "It surely must have been a Rovian plot to somehow get the Times to admit that Iraq has a nuclear weapons program on the verge of an atomic bomb by as early as 2003... and right before an election where the Iraq War is listed as the top election concern among likely voters."

TigerHawk: "Seems that the New York Times owes Judith Miller an apology. Or at least a hat tip."

Dear Prof. How about, just once, reading the whole article before discussing what it means ? It will be a new experience for you. Try it, you might like it.

Try as I might, I just can't keep up with Reynolds in the quest for the ultimate abyss of idiocy.

Update to update

Infectious idiocy

Via Atrios of course

OK Chuck, how about reading the article ? Does make clear, as the poorly worded sentence doesn't, that the (alleged) year of risk was 1992 not 2003. Sort of like How the sentence before Kerry's poorly phrased joke made it clear that the slacker student he was talking about is named George W Bush.

Quoting out of context is the new black.

Heeeeyyyyyy Charles and Glen why don't you quote me out of context ? I could use the traffic and I personally was about to construct an H-bomb for Saddam in 2002 and I admit it.

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