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Friday, November 03, 2006

Some Semi New Thoughts on the Idiocy Epidemic Discussed Below.

For one thing, I live among feminists and have waited for years for a chance to write
"Dumb Broad."

For another thing, dumb Broad seems to agree with dumber Reynolds and dumbest Johnson that genuine experts "say that at the time [1991], Mr. Hussein’s scientists were on the verge of building an atom bomb, as little as a year away".

Obviously the claim that the Iraqi bomb was "as little as a year away" was an early effort in Feith based analysis. Anyone who knows anything must understand that it was a flat out lie. The reason is simple. You can't make a bomb without Plutonium or highly enriched Uranium. Saddam had neither.

In 1992 as in 2003, someone decided to deceive the American people by conflating how long it would take to make a bomb *if* the appropriate fissionable material was available with how long it would take Iraq to make a bomb.

In 1992, experts on bombs might have imagined that there was such material hidden in Iraq and/or that there was a huge Uranium enrichment plan somewhere. By now, even non experts like me know that Iraq was not so close to making a bomb.

In fact, common sense makes it clear that the "as little as a year" line was nonsense in 1992. Saddam Hussein is an insane evil idiot, but he is not idiotic enough to pick a fight with most of the rest of the world one year before getting the bomb.

What kind of idiot would invade Kuwait without an a-bomb to deter the world's respons instead of waiting for "as little as a year" to move ?

That really would be the ultimate abyss of idiocy. Why are people willing to believe such a story in spite of subsequent proof that it was always nonsense ?

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