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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Professor Barnett coronates himself Dean of the "Leave No Congressman Behind education plan".

McJoan is very pleased that Dean Barnett recognises that Kos is an asset to the Democratic party.

I am very amused by the Dean's interesting approach to the English Language.

FAQ - Republican Congressional Leadership
Posted by: Dean Barnett at 4:23 PM


5) Back on topic – how disastrous were the Republican leadership choices?

Eh. It would have been nice to have seen a new Newt Gingrich coronated, but I’m not sure there’s such a being in the Republican caucus. Besides, the congressional leadership just won’t be all that important over the next couple of years.

6) Now you tell me, after I waste a week of my life on conference calls with these guys who seem to think “book larnin’” is beneath them. Why’s that?


7) But how about legislation? Won’t the lack of leadership hurt us there?

Well, we’ll probably cut-and-run on the minimum wage, but other than that I don’t see any Democratic boondoggles that will pass with a veto-proof majority. So all in all, it should be two years of stasis in Congress, which incidentally will beat the hell out of the last four years. (See “prescription drug benefits” for more details.)


9) What’s been the reaction in the blogosphere about the same Republican congressional leaders being re-signed for the 110th congress?

The reactions that I’ve read and that have come in my inbox have ranged from panic to outrage to outraged panic. Doesn’t seem like anyone is very happy today.

10) And yet you’re not on the verge of despair?

Not at all. Despair was last week with the election results, the shameful timing of the Rumsfeld firing and the Gates naming. The dye was cast then. There’s nothing that could have happened in the Republican leadership conference that could have put lipstick on this pig of a month.

Besides, I’m very excited about my Leave No Congressman Behind education plan.

I'd say the dye that was cast last week was indigo.

Now I hope that it is the height of absurdity for me, Robert Waldmann,to comment on the Dean's spelllin in a post which announces his crownation as Dean of the Leave No Congressman Behind education program. As loyal reader of this blog knows, I think our purpose is to reach the nadir of idiocy, and my commenting on someone elses speling is as close as I have gotten.

I am honestly impressed that someone who thinks very highly of Newt Gingrich recognises that gridlock will be an improvement over the Republican assault on the US treasury.

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