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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

That's Nice

HARTFORD, Conn. - Democrat Joe Courtney's victory over Republican Rep. Rob Simmons in their U.S. House contest was confirmed Tuesday [snip]

Recounts showed that Courtney won by 91 votes instead of the 167-vote margin counted on election night, according to results tabulated by town clerks and reported to The Associated Press. Nearly 250,000 votes were cast.

Both parties monitored the recount and confirmed that Courtney had the final edge, although their figures differed. Republicans said their count showed Courtney winning by 96 votes, while Democrats had the margin at 93.

I like the result, but the really wonderful part is the fact that the Republican's calculate that they lost by 3 more votes than the Democrats and 5 more than the town clerks. This shows that there are still honest Republicans (at least in New England).

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