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Monday, July 20, 2009

What is Google ads trying to tell me ?

I tend to ignore the google ads on this site, but the latest was

Wife Adultery
Find out why so many women today are committing adultery

The google ads algorithm puzzles me. I haven't written about female adultery in a while (topic why hasn't Dana Perino done any).

Is google ads trying to tell me that if I spend my whole geeky life in cyberspace, my wife will seek real world companionship with someone else ?

I just e-mailed her to ask for her opinion.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you've got a link in your sidebar whose anchor reads "sexual addiction" and takes you to some kind of site about porn addiction. Which maybe lots of your readers find helpful, but makes the ad link totally explicable.

Anonymous said...

July 18, 2009

History is a prankster and karma is a -----....

-- Robert Waldmann

Possibly, Google is remembering the rotten way in which you choose to categorize women or the supposed characteristics of women. Could that be the matter? Carry on with the demeaning, though.

Please do not report me to the Berkeley academic thought police.

Anonymous said...

...fascinating perspective!!!!