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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Let's make a deal.

Pelosi needs the votes of about 15 blue dogs to pass health care reform. They claim that such a vote would be bad for their re-electoral prospects. I don't see why, but let's just pretend that they have a point. I have a proposal.

If a blue dog votes Yes the Pelosi promises to name them at least 3 times next year in the following context

"Sigh, it's harder than it looks. Sure on paper we have a huge majority, but I have to deal with DINO's like "lucky Bluedog 1", "lucky blue dog 2" .... and "lucky blue dog 5" who are really conservatives. I'm not criticizing their caracters -- they vote according to their principles. It's just that we don't agree on much."

I'd say such a quote is worth at least 5% of the vote in any blue dog's district.

But I mean Pelosi shouldn't give it away for free (except to Kravotil D-MD-1 a freshman from a very red district whose re-election is rated a toss up by congressional quarterly).

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