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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pay to [read the] play.

Texas Tech Chancellor Kent Hance is a very honest man. His University is paying his "good friend" Alberto Gonzales $100,000 to teach one section of one course.

He argues that, roughly, power is knowledge "“research on ‘the best part of Shakespeare’s play’ isn’t on the same level as the research his university is conducting for the Defense Department.”" and proudly announces that he is for sale, that he is corrupt, that his favor can be bought dismissing complaints about the hiring of Gonzales this way "He said that he received a “substantial number” of supportive e-mails about the hire, and just nine critical ones. He added that “he wasn’t dwelling on the negative ones because they didn’t come from loyal university donors.”"

That's Texas Tech University where money talks and rich people can decide who teaches students and, I guess, what is considered true by Texas Tech faculty.

Look we all know that US Universities are about as corrupt as politicians, but, chancellor Hance, you aren't supposed to admit it in public.


Anonymous said...

July 12, 2009

Atlantic Monthly Crashed-and-Burned Watch (Clive Crook "Sarah Palin Must Be Respected!" Department)

I would say I eagerly look forward to Clive Crook's column about how "Republicans must learn some respect" for small-town politicians married to fishermen who won't read their briefing books and memorize their talking points....

-- Brad DeLong

[The feared Berkeley-Harvard disdain for all who are not Berkeley-Harvard and married properly. Please do not report me to the Berkeley academic thought police, but what they heck I am tenured.]

Mike Licht said...

Mr. Gonzales will lecture at Tech on his area of expertise, Fluid Mechanics of Waterboarding.