Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Absurdity of Hope -- More on French Exams

Matthew Yglesias was recently alarmed by hard questions on the French Bac writing

"Apparently there’s also a question asking if it’s absurd to desire the impossible. I think it is."

I just heard about an English language test for French University students. Started with a reading sample — Obama’s inaugural address. Then questions like “how inspiring was this”, “what made you feel hope as you read this” etc.

Don’t tell David Horowitz, but French students are, evidently, being forced to express (and motivate and explain this is University level) admiration for the President of the USA to pass an exam.

Now I happen to be irrationally nationalistic and long wished (without hoping) to live to see the day in which the French were overwhelmed by enthusiasm for a US President. Was that desire absurd ?

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Neuroskeptic said...

Oh my God ... Obama is a Muslim... France is part of the "Eurabia" Muslim-dominated Europe... and Communists to boot... it all makes sense!!!