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Friday, June 27, 2008

A Very wonderful e-mail which came with the *.pdf of optimal capital taxation attached
published with permission of an anonymous very nice guy (or gal or group of people or alien being who doesn't want me to tell you humans that he or she is on this planet)


I found your blog post on income taxation really interesting, but I had a hard time reading the math in plain text. So to read it, I converted it to latex and made a real article out of it. It was only to scratch my own itch, but I figured you might have some use for it. It's attached as a PDF and tex source file.

If you publish it on your blog or whatever, I'd prefer you to not credit me for conversion or anything. I did this while I really should have been working, .... . Feel free to do whatever you want to it, as long as you don't credit me (now that's an interesting license)

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