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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I have Paranoid Delusions of Grandeur

Look obviously Paul Krugman doesn't care much about me and doesn't even know who I am.
I'm sure that to him I count as one of the 7 billion people whose interests matter to him. Clearly he is not using his column and his blog to tease me. There must be some other explanation for these three posts which I will present in reverse chronological order in Shorter Paul Krugman form.

1. For some strange reason Obama thinks we can afford a tax cut for the non rich which will cost $ 700 billion in present value.

2. For some strange reason Obama proposes an un-necessary tax increase on the rich which will increase revenues by $ 700 billion in present value and the press doesn't think this is newsworthy.

3. If the world wishes to be deceived let it be deceived.

and yet he doesn't mention the hypothesis that strange policy proposals 1 and 2 are a deliberately disguised stealth offensive in the class war.

Oh and in 3 he suggests that soaking the rich and spreading it out thin is centrist moderate and not appealing to "The Nation".

I'm sure he is not teasing me. Why would he ? But you got to admit that the hypothesis that his main aim in life is to drive Robert Waldmann completely around the bend fits the facts.

Seriously, I am semi seriously toying with the following hypothesis which I posted as a comment over at Krugman's blog

Dear Prof. Krugman

At this point I am beginning to semi seriously suspect that your last 3 posts have a secret meaning which you wish to hide in plain sight. รน

In particular I am not managing to doubt that the title of this post is an effort to communicate to some people and not everyone (and I don't mean Latin speakers).

In chronological order we have
1. why does Obama think he can affort a tax cut for the middle class and working poor which costs 700 billion
2. Why didn't the press notice a huge tax increase on the richest 2% (which by some strange coincidence will balance the effect on the unified overall deficit of policy 1.)
3 mundus-vult-decipi-ergo-decipiatur

I think you are telling the alert elite that you are in no the scam.

Obama is fighting a stealth counter-offensive in the class war. He doesn't want the establishment pundits to notice. He claims he is a centrist taking ideas from Republicans.

What he really needs is criticism from a leading leftist who accuses him of being insufficiently leftist, populist and egalitarian.

If not Paul Krugman who. If not now when ?

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