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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sometimes Inacurate Criticism in More Helpful than Accurate Praise

I have decided that Paul Krugman has found the perfect strategy to help Barack Obama -- attack him from the "left".

Obama has to convince people that he is a centrist (this is the general election).

He can't flip flop and openly run as a progressive in the primaries then tell swing general election voters that it was a trick to win the primaries and tell his Democratic supporters that his current flop is a trick to fool the centrist independents. He has not in fact flipped or flopped. I think he has successfully dressed up radically progressive proposals as centrism.

Krugman has been arguing that he really is a centrist and always said so. He attacks Obama's soak the rich and spread it out thin proposals as Bush lite.

I am honestly beginning to suspect that Krugman is in on the scam.

Criticism from Krugman is more helpful to Obama than is praise.

OK now Obama has a problem. The National Journal calls him the most liberal senator (for some reason the Democratic candidate for President is always called the most liberal senator by The National Journal). This is nonsense and some unabashadly liberal senator should say so.

What Obama needs is for some senator to say "I'm way to the left of Barack Obama I think he is Bush-lite".

OK any volunteers ? Anyone ? Buelor your not a senator.
yes Berney yes Your the one ? Thank You for not really risking your safe seat by noting that you make Barack Obama look like Bob Dole.

I seriously think that Bernard Sanders (D-VT) should say that, while he will vote for Obama, he really thinks that the country needs a real liberal progressive and that the centrist not liberal enough senator Obama is just the least bad option.

McCain has been helped by the attacks of the loony right which make him look moderate.

Sad to say, there is not a similarly loony left. We're going to have to fake it.

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